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Skidz offer high performance tyres and cater for all sizes from 13″ to 24″. We have newly updated fitting and balancing equipment in house and run flat trained technicians. We offer all brands including a huge stock of big brands such as Continental, Pirelli and Michelin. Our state of the art tyre equipment ensures guaranteed safety from our technicians.

High performance tyres – designed to drive comfortably at high speeds and provide quick-ness and great handling ability. Due to their design – a new and creative tread design and a large contact patch, they provide very good griping abilities. They offer stability at high speed and when cornering.

There are benefits of high performance tyres such as: shorter stopping distances, clear-cut steering, increased cornering stability and better grip. One of the major benefits of performance tyres is increased road holding due to better traction and firm side walls. This ensures a smoother drive overall as well as helping to make cornering as well as motorway driving much safer. There is a side benefit of performance tyres. For those thinking about fuel, such tyres make it easier to practice proactive driving. There is less sharp braking and smoother movement between speeds.

Winter Tyres

Winter is here, so don’t get caught out! We now have winter tyres & wheels in stock.

Why buy winter tyres?

*Winter tyres perform better in temperature below 7 degrees*
*Better grip in snow & ice*
*Clear more water*
*Reduced stopping distances*

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Dynamic & Static Balance

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Skidz also provides other types of car tyres. Whether it’s all season, winter or budget tyres. All season tyres improve performance in cold and slippery conditions without having a bad effect on performance during the summer. It’s worth noting that their performance levels will not be as high in harsh weather conditions as dedicated summer and winter tyres.

We understand that performance tyres are not for everyone and cater for smaller budgets. We offer a range of budget tyres – available fitted with or without alloy wheels. For more information about our tyres, please feel free to contact us on today. Call us on 01324630060 with your requirements or email us on We would be happy to help.

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