Dotz Misano

Dotz Misano – stands for Moto GP, Superbike and DTM, or should we say: technology, power and skill. The DOTZ Misano design rim was originally developed for the DOTZ DD2.JZ project car, for which a special concept version of the alloy rim was manufactured. Deep dish and an open spokes design form the basis. In an effort to meet all requirements and statutory regulations for the series production, we optimised the cross-spoke wheel.

Concave construction is all about achieving maximum depth. Technical expertise and skill allowed DOTZ to accomplish “maximum performance”. Maximum thin spokes pairs, the overall composition of which resembles delicate tuning forks, make the new Misano unique. VTA approvals for a wide range of car models, such as Audi A3 to A5, BMW 1 Series to BMW 5 Series, the new Mercedes A-Class and classic cars, such as the VW Golf, offer enthusiasts many styling options.

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