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TD Equinox

Complete luxury, a simple yet beautiful multi spoke wheel, the Equinox comes in high quality paint and stainless steel rim. A  massive amount of applications, including stagger fits. Is available 17″ to 22″ offering fitments no others can.

TD Imola

This sexy ‘Y’ Spoke design has been born into the new decade with modern styling. Covered cap centre giving extra security and more versatility for stock holding. It is an exquisite looking alloy wheel which compliment any modern vehicle.

TD Jade R

This modern 5 spoke is big and aggressive!  Coming with stagger fit options, Jade R has five smooth spokes and a stylish design.

TD Le Mans

The Le Mans wheel is meticulously finished in either Matt graphite with a polished face or hi-power silver. The perfect accompaniment to enhance the look of any vehicle.

TD Pro Race 1.3

High performance application and big fitments that require a super light alloy wheel is what Pro Race 1.3 was designed for. Dedicated motorsport fitments, track day specials and high end road usage, this is exactly what the professional and enthusiasts need.

TUX Riviera 132

The TUX Riviera RV132 takes the tried and tested 5-spoke formula and modernises the look, running an attention-grabbing silver polished face against contrasting polished black paintwork. It features an ultra thin split-spoke design that runs to the outer edge of the wheel – making each alloy appear larger than it’s dimensions suggest. This reduction of material  minimises weight, improves brake cooling and offers a greatly improved view of the braking caliper and disc.

TUX Riviera 135

The twisted spoke design featured on the TUX Riviera RV135 takes inspiration from the widely applauded motorsport fan wheel design; it’s an alloy that looks like it’s travelling at light speed even when it’s stationary. The 15, diamond-cut, polished straight spokes stem from the “spinning” effect mounting hub to the far outer edges of the alloy, giving the impression of a far larger wheel.