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msw all season msw 77 fullsilver1msw all season msw 77 mattdarkgrey

MSW 77

This MSW 77 has a monobloc design with 7 spokes and finished in either full silver or matt grey.

msw all season msw 85 mattgunmetal

MSW 85

This MSW 85 has a monobloc design with 11 spokes and a new logo MSW 1985 hub finished in matt gun metal.

msw avantgarde msw 11

MSW Avantgarde 11

This MSW Avantgarde 11 Model uses the monobloc wheel style and its design is a 5 double-spokes design. Its finished in gross black full polished.

msw avantgarde msw 20/4

MSW Avantgarde 20/4

This MSW Avantgarde 20/4 is a monobloc wheel with a 8 double-spokes design finished in matt black full polished.

msw avantgarde msw 24

MSW Avantgarde 24

This MSW Avantgarde 24 is a monobloc wheel with a 7 double-spokes design finished matt gun metal full polished.

msw avantgarde msw 86 full silver

MSW Avantgarde 86

This MSW Avantgarde 86 has a monobloc design with multispokes and s new logo MSW 1985 hub finished in either full silver or polished black.



MSW X4 is the MSW wheel in the Avantgarde range for the new Smart and Renault Twingo. MSW X4 is designed specifically for the new versions of the famous micro-cars which now have a 4-hole wheel attachment. The 4 double spokes that highlight the profile of the new MSW X4 stand out for their split line design, starting from the central cap and ending on the outer lip. A style detail which, thanks to the diamond-cut Full Polished version, makes the wheel even more aggressive and dynamic than its predecessor. MSW X4 is OE CAP READY, that is, it allows the original SMART cap to be used. Like all OZ wheels, MSW X4 is TÜV certified, and the 15” diameter version is ECE certified.


OZ Adrenalina

This OZ Adrenalina is a monobloc wheel with a 5 spokes design. It’s finished in Matt Black + Diamond Cut.

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An OZ Superturismo GT Monobloc wheel has a multi-spoke design with a black carbon fibre . It can be finished in either matt Black + Red Lettering or Grigio Corsa.



OZ SUPERTURISMO WRC monobloc wheel with a multi-spoke design and a black carbon fibre hub. Its finished in race white and has red lettering.


OZ ULTRALEGGERA is a monobloc wheel with a 6 double-spokes design and a black carbon fibre hubcap.



OZ X2 is the Xline wheel dedicated to Smart. The one-piece construction has three center bores that host the lugs and from which 9 alternating double spokes radiate. Three double spokes are distinguished by a continuous line design that starts at the center hub and ends at the outer lip. A pattern that makes the X2 even more spirited than the traditional Smart wheels.

Rota BM8

The BM8 is ideal for the person and car that does not want to fit in, or just be part of the scenery.  Available only in big widths and low offsets it’s the perfect wheel to add a bold finishing statement to your car.

Rota Flashback

Looking for the perfect retro styled wheel, the Flashback is for you!

Old school lattice styling with polished dish.

Rota Flush

New for 2014 the Flush is a fresh design from Rota.  Available in 15×8 4×100 ET20 and 17×9 ET25 it delivers on the dish without being an impossibly low offset!

Rota Grid

A classic wheel for an increasing variety of cars, the Rota Grid one of our more popular wheels.. It’s lightweight, strong and has excellent clearance for big brake kits and standard brakes alike.

Available in a large range of colours and fitments, if you’ve been struggling to find a wheel for your car, it’s likely the Grid will solve your problems!