15″ alloy wheels

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bern silver accbern silver

Cades Bern

The Bern wheel is a classic race design that never fails to impress. Staggered front and rear options and multitude of different sizes and in different colourways are available. Look at the accented finish for a twist on this versatile design.

Cades Blast

We class this wheel as a 5 Spoke wheel design – which is a classic timeless design. It also features a deep-dish on the outer rim. This is where the ends of the spokes are recessed from the front face of the wheel to create a step.

eros black

Cades Eros

Undoubtedly the most popular in the Cades range, the Eros wheel has achieved real cult status. Now available in eight fantastic colours and styles.

Calibre Motion

Calibre Motion Alloy Wheel: The Track Inspired Motion II is versatile, strong and lightweight. The cross-wire spoke design echoes modern motorsport traditions and oozes speed and style.

Calibre Vintage

Calibre Vintage Alloy Wheel: Part of Calibre’s retro range, the Vintage is a best seller that has been flying off the shelves. A retro-classic with deep polished pseudo split-rim and classic y-spoke design. These are available in 4 and 5 hole and blanks to be drilled to specific PCDs. Contact us for specific fitment information.

Dare DR-RS

The Dare DR-RS Alloy Wheels offer a superb looking Crosswire design. Not only do these alloys offer a superb design, the Dare DR-RS alloy wheels also have an outstanding, Silver, Black and Gold finish.

Dare Ghost

The Dare Ghost Alloy Wheels offer a superb looking Polished Face design. Not only do these alloys offer a superb design, the Dare Ghost alloy wheels also have an outstanding Black Polished finish.

Dare Madisson

The Dare Madisson Alloy Wheels offer a superb looking Multispoke design. Not only do these alloys offer a superb design, the Dare Madisson alloy wheels also have an outstanding Silver finish.

Dezent RE

An ideal Winter Wheel, the Dezent RE’s detailed 5 spokes are simple yet stylish. Suited to a wide range of vehicles, these wheels represent excellent value and durability.

Dezent RNDezent_RNDark

Dezent RN

A five-spoke wheel for compact cars

Their elegant shape – in conjunction with the high-gloss paint – simply lends the five silvery glittering spokes an understated elegance. A plain design, coupled with slightly bent spokes creates the wheel’s visual “lightness”. The classic elegance of the DEZENT RN makes a VW Passat, Audi A4 Avant or Mercedes C-Class model appear even more dynamic.

The DEZENT RN is a classically timeless wheel, featuring perfectly designed details. The designers drew upon the silhouettes of the latest compact cars like Hyundai i30, Audi A3, Seat Leon and Kia C`eed. Featuring a high-gloss paint, the RN is plainly noble. The designers opted for a five-hole connection, which perfectly rounds off the extravagant design.