Audi A5 with 19″ Cades Artemis

This black Audi A5 with these beautiful 19″ cades artemis looks amazing. This 2013 style is a paragon of precision engineering, quality and sporting heritage with two wider concave rear wheel options. It’s a classic that has been redefined it with Cades DNA. For more information on the range we offer please call us +44(0)1324 630 060 or email

20″ 3SDM on Audi A5

These 3SDM 0.01 alloys are part of the ever popular 3SDM range of alloy wheels for 2015. For more information on the 3SDM range please contact us on +44(0)1324 630 060 or email The alloy is classe as a Y Spoke / Mesh wheel design as each spoke splits into a Y shape,  creating a mesh looking formation. As…