The past few months have extremely difficult for all businesses. Industries that require human contact within the 2-metre parameter, such as private hire and accident recovery services, have been greatly affected by COVID-19. With this in mind we are happy to declare a solution that will safeguard both you and your customers.
  We are offering a service of fitting COVID Boards to companies in need. Skidz will install a manufactured and bespoke partition in your vehicle. Every partition is made with a toughened perspex window, which separates the driver completely from passengers. Each board installed will be complete with a factory finish.
The COVID Board is especially effective in 7/9 seater taxis and chauffeur driven vehicles, however, it can be fitted most vehicles. The COVID Board is a great and cost effective solution.
If you’d like a quote for your company or vehicle please get in touch with us at We’d love to hear how we can help you.

Before and After COVID Board Installation