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This Oz Alleggerita Monobloc wheel HLT has a 9 spoke design with a black carbon fibre hubcap finished in an array of colour options.



ASPEN HLT, a dynamic 5-spoke wheel in the All Terrain range has been designed specifically for medium and large SUVs, automobiles with a large mass where wheels must bear very heavy weights and superior load strength is required. Like the other new wheels in the All Terrain range, ASPEN HLT is produced using HLT technology, which is normally used for racing car wheels. Thanks to the HLT technology and heat treatments, which are OZ proprietary processes, ASPEN HLT has an excellent strength vs. structural flexibility ratio and weighs significantly less than other wheels in the same category.


This OZ Cortina wheel with monobloc wheel design and a mesh style is suitable for BMW, Audi Q5, Audi Q7, Mercedes, Porsche, VW Touareg, Range Rover Sport. It’s finished in either Black or Matt Dark Graphite + Diamond Cut.


This OZ Formula HLT is a 8 spokes with a central lock cap and 4 bolt carbon centre cap finished in matt black or silver.


ozracing itech formulahlt5hozracing itech formulahlt5h


This Oz Formula HLT is a 10 spoke design with a central lock cap and 5 bolt carbon centre cap finished in either black, silver or race gold.


OZ poured all of its experience in GT3 racing into its new wheel: the HyperGT HLT.

Quite often, choosing a wheel for one’s car is part of making an aesthetic statement. But we wanted to do something different and extra. So, we created the HyperGT HLT. A new approach to alloy rims, an authentic heir of the world of racing and, specifically, GT racing, in which OZ has set the standard for many years.

The HyperGT HLT is a distillation of engineering know-how acquired over decades of design experience, filled with details and technological solutions drawn from racing culture.

The resulting wheel expresses the perfect balance between light-weight, rigidity and durability, just as racing wheels have shown us they should be. Indeed, being super light-weight is not enough. When it comes to performance, a series of other parameters that allow the wheel to perform at the highest levels must be taken into consideration. The magic formula for performance is: rigidity, to make the wheel more reactive; light-weight, for better handling and strength to cope with mechanical stresses. When these three elements are perfectly balanced, you achieve the top performance that only HyperGT HLT can ensure.


This OZ Italia 150 monobloc, multi-spoke alloy which can be finished in an array of styles.


This OZ Leggenda monobloc wheel with 11 spokes design and a central hole design without hubcap. This can be finished in either race white or black.

ozracing itech leggerahlt grigiocorsabright


This OZ Leggera HLT is a 5 double spoke design with a black carbon fibre hubcap finished in Grigio Corsa Bright



This OZ Montecarlo HTL is a monobloc wheel with a design of 5 spokes with knurling. Concave front and deep concave rear.
It’s finished in either Matt Black or Diamond Cut.


The OZ Rally Racing timeless and genuine racing icon is reborn. The waiting is over. Rally Racing, the wheel that made history in rally racing, is back with an even more modern and aggressive look. In the 90’s OZ put in the best performance at the World Rally Championships, where it fitted tires on the cars of some of the most important teams competing. One was the Toyota team led by pilot Carlos Sainz who actually won his first world title in 1990. The wheel is white with a recognisable central “disc” that sports the red OZ Racing logo written twice. The new Rally Racing wheel has the same distinguishing features, albeit updated. Using its timeless look as the starting point, the new Rally Racing wheel has been given new exclusive details such as the spoke shape which overlaps with the central disc and gives the wheel a different look, by making it seem even larger and more aggressive. The central disc is flat and features the traditional OZ Racing logo written twice.

Rally Racing is available in 17”, 18” and 19” and with a Race White + red lettering or Dark Graphite + Silver lettering finish starting from February 2017.