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msw all season msw 19 full silvermsw all season msw 19 matt black

MSW 19

This MSW 19 monobloc design with 5 spokes is finished in either full silver or matt black.

msw all season msw 22 mattblackmsw all season msw 22 greysilver

MSW 22

This MSW 22 has a monobloc design with 5 double spokes and is finished in either matt black or grey silver

MSW 24

MSW 24 is a wheel whose design can be interpreted as both sporty and sophisticated. The 7 double spokes are modeled to create a shape that changes completely based on the finish. In the Matt Gun Metal Full Polished version, the wheel appears more elegant, while the full painted Matt Black version conjures up a seriously more aggressive attitude.

MSW 28

MSW 28 is designed to be a valid alternative to standard equipment wheels, combining technical and styling details to obtain an aggressive and different look. The 5-spoke design of MSW 28 lends a dynamic look to the car and great solidity to the wheel. MSW 28 is OE CAP READY, that is, it allows the original Mercedes caps to be used. Like all OZ wheels, MSW 28 is TÜV certified.


msw urban cross msw 45 matt black full polished

MSW 45

This MSW 45 has a monobloc design with 5 spokes and full polished rim. A new logo MSW 1985 hub all finished in matt black full polished.

msw urbancross msw 46 matt black full polished

MSW 46

This MSW 46 has a monobloc design, 6 spokes with full polished rim and a new logo MSW 1985 hub all finished in matt black full polished.

msw urban cross 47 full silvermsw urbancross 47 matt dark titanium fullpolished

MSW 47

This MSW 47 has a monobloc design, 5 spokes with dynamic effect and a new logo MSW 1985 finished in either full silver or matt black full polished.


MSW 48

MSW 48 is the first 20” MSW wheel that allows you to fit your SUV or Cross Over with bold, high-tech wheels that offer excellent value for money. The MSW 48 is designed for SUVs and Cross Overs, a monobloc wheel with 5 split double-spoke wheels whose shape and diamond-cut for the Full Polished version, make them even more aggressive for cars like Porsche Macan and Range Rover Evoque. MSW 48 is OE CAP READY, that is, it allows the original Mercedes and Porsche Macan caps to be used. Like all OZ wheels, MSW 48 is TÜV certified.

MSW 55MSW 55

MSW 55

The 16 Inch MSW (by OZ) 55 Alloy Wheels offer a superb looking 5 Spoke  design. Not only do these alloys offer a superb design, the MSW (by OZ) 55 alloy wheels also have an outstanding Silver  finish.

MSW 71

The latest addition to the MSW Avantgarde collection was designed as an alternative to the OEM wheels on vehicles like the Audi A3 and A4, the Volkswagen Golf, Mercedes A Class and C Class and many others.

The aggressive, streamlined design of the new MSW 71 is immediately eye-catching and memorable. Positioned alternate to the lug holes, the 5 double spokes start out thin and tapered at the center, becoming broader as they lengthen toward the external rim of the wheel. This allows the spokes to make a fluid junction with the rim well, and at the same time maintain their smooth lines and the strength of the wheel. The slight curve at the half-way point of the spoke adds to the sensation of movement and heightens the dynamic feel of the wheel itself.

MSW 71 is OE CAP READY, that is, designed to accept the original Volkswagen, Audi and even Ford hub caps

msw all season msw 77 fullsilver1msw all season msw 77 mattdarkgrey

MSW 77

This MSW 77 has a monobloc design with 7 spokes and finished in either full silver or matt grey.

MSW 78

MSW 78

MSW 78 with its Full Silver finish is the new entry in the MSW All Season collection by OZ. Developed to withstand the typically extreme weather conditions in the winter, without sacrificing any design features, it can be fitted on small crossovers like the Opel Mokka and 2-volume aggressive cars like the Volkswagen Golf VII.
Internal grooves have been added to the 5 spokes, traditionally intended for sports cars, for a very solid and compact yet racy look.
MSW 78 by OZ comes in the 16” and 17” diameters.