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Calibre Altus

Calibre Altus, ride high with this 22″ premium design. The diamond-cut polished finish to the ten concave Y-spokes accentuates the stout form of this design, set to sit neatly under a wide range of Executive SUVs and Premium Vehicles.

Calibre Manhatton

Calibre Manhattan Alloy Wheel: The Calibre Manhattan is a load rated alloy wheel, featuring 10 matt black spokes with detailed polishing to the spoke ends, and is an ideal addition to your VW T5 Transporter.

Calibre Motion

Calibre Motion Alloy Wheel: The Track Inspired Motion II is versatile, strong and lightweight. The cross-wire spoke design echoes modern motorsport traditions and oozes speed and style.

Calibre Odyssey

Calibre Odyssey Van/4×4 Alloy Wheel: The Calibre Odyssey is a brand new alloy wheel for commercial vans / 4x4s, featuring 5 detailed, silver spokes arching out purposefully to the rim. In the increasingly popular Land Rover Defender and Ford Transit fitments, this is set to enhance the look of many vans and 4x4s this year.