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TUX Riviera RV120

The Riviera RV120 is a bold, ten-blade, square-jawed multi spoke alloy style that makes a true statement for those seeking immediate visual transformation of their ride. Gloss-black wheel centres are juxtaposed by the polished silver diamond-cut face of each wheel, leading to a silver polished wheel lip, greatly enhancing the impression of size.


TUX Riviera RV136

For the TUX Riviera RV136, Riviera has taken inspiration from modern supercar wheels and the form of classic wheels from the 80’s and 90’s and merged them into our highest quality wheel yet. 5 groups of spokes are drawn to the very edge of the wheel to make the wheel look visually bigger.

TUX Riviera RV150

Only true ballers with big toys need apply for the Riviera RV150, a classic, high-quality ten-spoke, Y-style rim that’s been designed specifically for luxury SUV’s as well as opulent coupes and saloons from the likes of Bentley and Rolls Royce. Available in an arch conquering 22”, the machined, polished silver face contrasts with the wheel’s powder coated jet black backdrop, enhancing the wheels depth and width while making a bold and crisp styling statement that’s perfect for modern metal.


TUX Riviera RV170

Adding a touch of class to the traditional mesh style wheel, the TUX Riviera RV170 projects 7 pairs of deep concave spokes to the very edge of the rim giving the illusion of a much bigger wheel.


TUX Riviera Ultimate

TUX Riviera Ultimate wheel, features five double spokes reminiscent of spider’s legs with a single, heavyweight spoke between each pair. A highly technical wheel, it is available in silver or gloss black with machine-cut spider legs for incredible character.