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TD Balmoral

An ultra modern addition to our 4×4 portfolio.  This will enhance the image of any Land Rover Evoque, Discovery, Range Rover & Range Rover Sport.

TD Cyclone

A clean 5 spoke design which will suit any vehicle. Simple smooth features making it easy to clean and giving modern appearance.


TD Equinox

Complete luxury, a simple yet beautiful multi spoke wheel, the Equinox comes in high quality paint and stainless steel rim. A  massive amount of applications, including stagger fits. Is available 17″ to 22″ offering fitments no others can.

TD Imola

This sexy ‘Y’ Spoke design has been born into the new decade with modern styling. Covered cap centre giving extra security and more versatility for stock holding. It is an exquisite looking alloy wheel which compliment any modern vehicle.

TD Jade R

This modern 5 spoke is big and aggressive!  Coming with stagger fit options, Jade R has five smooth spokes and a stylish design.