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Rota Revenge

A very light Honda favouring wheel, with just a few sets left in stock these are becoming rare and offer excellent fitment and clearance.

Rota RKR

ROTA RKR has the similar classic design as our RB but has a redesigned spoke and s nice stepped lip. Available in several sizes and now available in 5×114.3 and 5×100 in certain sizes, the RKR is sure to be a design to please the old school enthusiast as well as new model vehicles that one want that classic look.

Rota SDM

Striking mesh / VIP design and a good variety of colours – the perfect wheel for a bit of dish on the BMW Mini. No clearance issues and really fills the arch.

Rota SDR

Clearance of Brembo brakes with ease, the SDR is the wheel of choice for the discerning Impreza STi owner. Lightweight and subtle, SDRs complement the lines of the classic Impreza perfectly.


Rota Slipstream

The most popular wheel in the Rota Lightweight range, the Slipstream is popular with a massive variety of cars. The lightest 15” wheel we offer, and amongst the lightest 16”, these are the first choice of fast road and track cars for more makes and models than we can name!


Rota Spec 8

Introducing the Rota Spec 8! This is an all-new wheel design for Rota Wheels UK and will be available initially in a 15x7in ET35 size with a 4×100 fitment.

Rota TBT

This is a Rota TBT 15″ in 15×8″ 4×100 ET10. This wheel has a PCD of 4×100 a diameter of 15, a width of 8″ and has an offset of ET10

Rota Titan

The Rota Titan is an awesome new multi spoke design, suitable for fitment requiring no bodywork modifications.

Rota Torque

The twin 5-spoke design of the Torque looks at home on everything from Mitsubishi Evos to Honda Civics, and everywhere in between. Available in a massive range of fitments and colours, the Torque can be supplied to fit almost any Japanese car, including staggered setups for S2000s and MR2s.

Rota Track R

Awesome JDM inspired wheel, unique on the UK market.

Only available in white with the polished dish, the Track R is sure to make your car look like its straight from the streets of Japan.

Rota Vios

The 15 Inch Rota Vios Alloy Wheels offer a superb looking Multispoke  design. Not only do these alloys offer a superb design, the Rota Vios alloy wheels also have an outstanding Bronze  finish.

Rota X04

The 15 Inch Rota X04 Alloy Wheels offer a superb looking Deep Dish  4 Spoke  design. Not only do these alloys offer a superb design, the Rota X04 alloy wheels also have an outstanding Gun Metal Polished Lip  finish.

Rota Zero Plus

A new deep dish offering from Rota, the Zero Plus has hit the scene with a bang, featuring on the cover of Redline Magazine within weeks of its UK release, this wheel is so popular we struggle to keep them on the shelf.

These can be seen on aggressive fitment MX5s, on slammed Lupos and Polos in various magazines and making an impression wherever they go!