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Rota Fighter

8 or 10 spokes depending on the PCD, the Fighter fits many cars well. Lightweight with excellent brake clearance and available in some loud colours – these are the ideal wheels to put the icing on the cake of your low and loud hatchback.

All Fighters are dual drilled for excellent fitment on many cars.

Rota Flashback

Looking for the perfect retro styled wheel, the Flashback is for you!

Old school lattice styling with polished dish.

Rota Flush

New for 2014 the Flush is a fresh design from Rota.  Available in 15×8 4×100 ET20 and 17×9 ET25 it delivers on the dish without being an impossibly low offset!

Rota Force

The Rota Force is a great looking, yet subtle and understated wheel. Huge range of fitments and offsets, available to fit most cars.

Light, strong and with huge brake clearance the Force is an excellent choice for most mid-sized performance cars.

Rota GR6

Look no further for the perfect 18″ wheel for your EP3, FN2 and FD2.  Part of the 2012 range, the GR6 sits nicely in the standard arches of all of the aforementioned cars and is a subtle finishing touch to your pride and joy.

Rota GRA

THE wheel to have on your Classic Impreza. 17” and 18” in the correct offset of 48, these fit the Impreza perfectly. No arch rubbing, no spacers, no brake clearance problems – even with Brembos!

Direct bored for a perfect fit on the Subaru hubs. Don’t be fobbed off with wheels which roughly fit, go for the GRA which is designed FOR the Subaru. The GRA is an ideal subtly styled wheel for any Impreza, lightweight and available in a huge range of colours.

Rota Grid

A classic wheel for an increasing variety of cars, the Rota Grid one of our more popular wheels.. It’s lightweight, strong and has excellent clearance for big brake kits and standard brakes alike.

Available in a large range of colours and fitments, if you’ve been struggling to find a wheel for your car, it’s likely the Grid will solve your problems!

Rota GT3

Coming in a wide range of loud colours, the GT3 is popular with anybody who wants to stand out!

The Red with polished lip is a wheel icon on the JDM scene. Polished and candy finish deep dish wheels with sensible offsets.


Rota GTR

The GTR is the original Rota Drift series wheel and is still one of the most popular – now available in this new easier to fit size for cars without room for the wider concave version.

Rota Kensei

ROTA Kensei is a mesh wheel with a stepped lip and deep dish. This wheel design screams old school and suits many JDM vehicles that want the nostalgia finish on their vehicle. Available in different finishes with polish or full coloured lip.

Rota Kyusha

Retro looks with the very latest finishes the Kyusha is one of the very latest wheels from Rota for 2012. Modest offsets with the split rim design will look awesome on any small 4×100 Jap or Euro hatch!

Rota OS Mesh

ROTA OS Mesh is an old school classic mesh design that suits any vehicle. With several colours to suit with a polish lip, the OS MESH will finish of any vehicle with classy styling.

Rota OSR

Rota OSR

The OSR wheel from Rota is a new style and very unique wheel available in Black with a polished face finished with a dish effect polished lip. The OSR is available in 15” diameter with 4 stud fitments to suit a wide range of vehicle applications.

Enhance the appearance of your vehicle with the OSR from Rota.

Don’t Forget – wheels and tyres are usually one of the biggest expenditures so keep them safe by fitting high security wheel locking nuts and keep them in pristine condition with our wheel care products.

Rota P1R

The new ROTA P1R is a revised dished version of the ROTA P1 but with a nice dished lip. With its clean sharp 9 spoke design and deep dish design, this wheels suits most late model JDM vehicles.

Rota Pro-R

The 18 Inch Rota Pro R Alloy Wheels offer a superb looking Multispoke  7 Spoke  design. Not only do these alloys offer a superb design, the Rota Pro R alloy wheels also have an outstanding White  finish.

Rota R Spec

Inspired by the 98 spec Honda Integra wheel, the R Spec is popular on a variety of cars, and available in a variety of fitments. Lightweight with excellent brake clearance and classic looks, lighter with better brake clearance than the similar / competitive wheels on the market, OEM and aftermarket!