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Hawke Raptor

 HAWKE Raptor – Forged wheel technology: Heat and mechanical energy combine in force to create the ultimate in shear strength and resilience in wheel production. The techniques employed not only provide the requisite strength that Rolls Royce motor cars demand, but also deliver to you, the customer, a truly bespoke wheel product. Each set of Raptor wheels is made to order and finished to your exact specification. Your choice of width, size and finish to perfectly suit your personality whilst effortlessly complimenting your Rolls Royce.

Hawke Saker II

The HAWKE Saker II supersedes the Iconic original Saker. With a modern twist on its superlative fork shaped spoke this new design has already forged it’s place in the world of prestige alloy wheels.

Our extensive range of colours and finishes further displays the versatility and appeal of this design.