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Titan SilverTitan gunmetal

Cades Titan

The Titan is a dynamic new 5 spoke wheel design in the Cades range. The simplicity of this minimal design with it’s rugged peaked spokes works well on Audi, BMW, Mercedes and VW.

Cades Tora

These Cades Tora Alloy Wheels are part of the ever popular Cades range of Alloy Wheels for 2016.

We class this wheel as a Multi-Spoke wheel design – which has 8 or more spokes, inspired from a motorsport heritage. The spokes on this wheel reach to the edge of the wheel, which makes the wheels appear visually bigger once on the car.

tyrus matt silver

Cades Tyrus

The Tyrus wheel is our fastest selling to date. Another classic tight mesh featuring a huge inverted dish. Available from 17 through to 19 inch in three finishes and with wider rear options from stock. Originally favoured by BMW owners, now the dub scene has taken it to it’s heart.

vienna silver

Cades Vienna

One of the longest standing wheels in the Cades range, the Vienna has won a place in the range for services to the BMW Min. Available in 4-100 fitment only, it works equally as well on other marques.


Cades Zeus

Retro is back with this fantastic mesh design in 17 and 18 inch available in black with a stainless dish. Clever stuff, using two centre core moulds we can make the rear centre boss more inset to create a deeper dish without affecting the offset and enabling you to use the same width wheels all round. This also enables you to use the same tyre size all round.


Calibre Altus

Calibre Altus, ride high with this 22″ premium design. The diamond-cut polished finish to the ten concave Y-spokes accentuates the stout form of this design, set to sit neatly under a wide range of Executive SUVs and Premium Vehicles.